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Monday, 15 March 2010

Podcast Number 23


In this weeks podcast I played Mike Rofe, Pseudo, Paul Liddel (who I DID play last month on the first fifteen),  Steve Moyes with a track he wrote and performed especially for this podcast, Watch With Mothers reviewed Matthew Neel, Menn Arsins and Tim Farrell. I also played a hidden track from my new album Don't Make Me Wait.
Apoc hated last Fm, I chatted to the great Xan Phillips and I played the complete track from last weeks winner of the First Fifteen Liz Longley.

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  1. That guy talking about sure is not getting it... He must have done something wrong! :D

  2. Indeed he must Siggidori. However it does illustrate the point that if he doesn't get it, many others won't get it either.
    He's quite a bright chap and managed to work his way through reverbnation.

  3. Thanks a lot Nick for laying my little piece. Very brave of you to paly it without listening! I hope you liked it.
    I really enjoyed the show, as always.
    I must admit I don't quite get myself, mind you I haven't really spent a lot of time there. If you know what you're looking for it's easy enough to see that it's either there or it isn't, but I wouldn't think of it as somewhere to discover new things. Maybe I should just give it more time. I do find the 30 second clips a bit frustrating!

  4. I heard is all on my journey in to work this morning and it was great Steve.

    I'm not sure lastfm is the best place to find non signed artists and I haven't spent a long time on it.
    I was interested in what I've been listening to most though

  5. I had problems with in the beginning (some 4 years ago!).
    1-2 weeks are not gonna do it for you. It's absolutely essential to download the player and then "scrobble" from your favorite player to the website. It takes at least 1-2 weeks (depending on how many songs you listen to) to make some features kick in on the site. Charts and recommendations for instance.

    Did he do that? Did he listen to groups radios, tag radios or related artist radios? Did he make a playlist himself? Did he "LOVE" some tracks and listen to the playlist generated? ... or somebodies else favorites? Not all tracks at are "on demand" but do play in full when you listen to stations.... there's load of free music as well.

    I (and Menn Ársins) offer all our music for free and/or full preview -

    Feel free to check out my library to explore playlists, loved tracks and tags (and even journals) - is a work in progress ... so to speak ... doesn't happen overnight ;-) ... like any other good relationships :)

    It's also not helping (or whatever word is right here...) to compare ReverbNation to since they are COMPLETELY different sites with different purpose.

    There.. I said it! I love and think it's brilliant. And I highly recommend it to everyone, specially independent artist. Combine with Twitter and Bandcamp and you have a powerful tool at your fingertips/disposal!

    On with the motley!

  6. PS. My first interest with was to find out what I was listening to the most ;-) ... then it just kept getting better :)

  7. No, but then he is just an ordinary guy, an ordinary guy that we might want to buy/follow/get into our music.

    A lot of our potential fans are just like Apoc. We ask them to go to a site and check out our stuff, something they may not normaly do. They may get put off by things, Apoc did and you can't blame him for that.

    He is looking for independent non signed artists, like us,and he can't find them. So lastFM may not be for him...

  8. Enjoyed it mate - lovely tunes from your self, pseudo and Steve

  9. If you offer free downloads and/or full previews at ... then it's just as easy as anything else... right?

    I mean ... go and listen to this song for instance:ór+Guðmundsson/_/Demo+nr.+4?autostart

    It even auto starts for you! :-D

    I'll have do disagree with you. I think IS for him if that's what he's looking for (independent unsigned artist) ... as with everything in life... you need to know what you're looking for and ask for help when/if you need it.

    Here's a fine group (if I my say so myself) that you should join and Apoc should check out:

    Check out the connected artist:

    and/or my tag station for the group:

    Read more:

    I mean it's all there IMO.
    There are many tags for instance for unsigned independent artist. Here's one for instance:

  10. Have you tried reverbnation Siggidori?

  11. .. and the free mp3 downloads!

  12. Yes. Both me and Menn Ársins are on ReverbNation.

  13. I do both reverbnation & as well as bandcamp, myspace and - they're all in some way helping other to discover my music... not to mention twitter.

    In fact, if it wasn't for Siggidori's participation in twitter and then the follow-through to his and Menn Arsinn's music on I wouldn't have discovered the great tunes.

    The trick with any of these social sites is that you get more out of it the more you put in. These are all participatory ecosystems the thrive on people "playing the game".

  14. siggidori,

    I played around with Lastfm for a while, I do have a weeks time to get into the site, and break it down from a fans point of view. If it takes 1-2 weeks to get used to a site, isn't that too long?

    On the other hand for Reverbnation it was easy from step one. I am not going to spend an enourmous amount of time to fall in "love" with something. I am the kind of person who can't read a book if the first page doesn't grab my attention. And I think I am like most people. I hope you see now what the deal was when it came to lastfm for me.

  15. "over 30 million active users based in more than 200 countries" ... shouldn't be ignored by musicians and/or music lovers.

    IMO then ReverbNation and are not very much a like.

    I mean it took my 2 years to start using Twitter after I signed up. Does it mean I hate it. No! :-)

    If you have a short attention span then maybe you should keep that in mind when you're trying out things ... and perhaps deliberately give them more time.

    Both me and Nick say that one of the first things that interested us in was to figure out what we are listening to the most (Right Nick.) ... and it just takes awhile for the charts to generate. And also for the suggestions to come.... + get to know other users. It's a relationship ... not a McDonalds burger.

    I seriously doubt it that you thoroughly explored the possibilities of the site.

    I think you should with out a doubt give it more time... You might start to like it.. love it even ;-)


  16. So Siggidori, how long have you been working for Lastfm?

  17. Nick: Your point being? ... + you didn't answer my question ;-)

  18. To answer your question (was there a question?)

    Sometimes artists forget that some people are not as familiar with the internet as some of us are. We can sign-up for a website get some tracks loaded up, upload picture and write up a quick profile in a matter of minutes. There are some bands that struggle with that and can only just about manage a myspace page!
    Some punters don't want to have to spend time exploring a site, they have busy lives and finding new music to follow may not be an important part of their lives.
    Apoc is an example of what a fan might think if they were directed to find our music on a website. He's a busy guy and LastFM just didn't grab him.

  19. Perhaps there was no question... ["Both me and Nick say that one of the first things that interested us in was to figure out what we are listening to the most (Right Nick?"]

    But... yeah.. I can't expect others to be as passionate about music as I am. Can I?
    I was also just trying to help (in away) by pointing out what was possible to do on
    I don't think that was appreciated... or more correctly perhaps.. Apoc is/was probably just not that interested.

    I hope he finds the time to go to the next record store then :)

    Still the point remains. LAST.FM is just as easy for independent artist to get music to the fans/followers as any other site.

    Apoc: How do you listen to music .. and where?

  20. Apoc: Is this your profile ?

    It's the same user name as your twitter name and was started last week.

    If so ... I rest my case.

  21. Hi Nick,

    I tried subscribing with the iTunes button on the shownotes page but iTunes couldn't download the files. I had to copy and paste the RSS feed in to subscribe.


  22. Hi Graham, I just tested it and it works fine for me. I'll check and see if anyone else had any problems.
    It's quite long so takes a while to download.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  23. With - i hope you've all added one another as friends... I'm