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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 42

A nice big noisy one this; I play Planes Over Paris from the Isle of Man, Fez from the London in the UK, DWH from Los Angeles USA, Kay (Katja Ten Dam Flik) from Amsterdam  , Steve Moyes from somewhere in Kent I think, Sounds Under Radio from Austin Texas USA and Sawsound from West Yorkshire UK.
I played a track called That Woman that's taken from my album Life is a River (now only £4 for the whole album!).
Dave interviewed Mad Billy from Bristol in the UK  (check out the great videos) and Paul Lane from Playing out Loud told us about what bands he recommended we go and see in and around Hampshire next week

It was all quite jolly eh?

I also featured my hilarious jingle for brilliant wine website oh how we laughed!!!!

I nearly forgot, listen to the Justin Wayne podcast because it's bloody brilliant!

I also mentioned the new website for the podcast just click here to see all it's beauty...
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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 41 Jazz special!!

Ok Jazzers, have Got a podcast for you?

Packed full of lovely jazz from he likes of Sunna Gunnlaugs from Iceland, The Jason Parker Quartet from Seattle USA, Rainier Straschill from Germany, Fleeting Silence from the USA, Sigurdor Guomundsson from Iceland, The Matt Erion Trio from the USA and me from good old England!
I sound a bit tired because I was so ignore me and listen to the music.

I also included the new Is This This Thing On LITE that is also on the  other podcast site I mentioned click here to have a look

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

If you want to submit a tune to the podcast

I ask that you simply send me 2 mp3s with your name as part of the filename eg

Nick Tann-Dont Make Me Wait.mp3 .

That way it won't get lost also it will show up on my iPod which I listen to a lot.

A link to your website where people can find out about you and where I can link to your name if I play you.

When you submit a track you should also receive an invite to the Artists Google Group, if you don't just give me a nudge and I'll fix it.

I know there are other ways i.e. dropboxes, Soundcloud etc that other podcasters like to use but I like to keep it simple.

I love getting new music and I promise I listen to every track and if you send me something and I DON'T play it, email me and ask me why.

I try and answer EVERY email.


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 40

In a short and sweet podcast this week I played Haunted Stereo, Sonny, Kidd Russell, Shoulders of Giants, Coloured Lines, Clara Barker (rhymes with Sarah) Apoc told us about another Canadian Band this time it was Ennis and I played a track from my new album.

I ranted about a new crusade I want all original artists you join, the cleverly named "Sound as a Pound. I take no credit for the name, that was thought up by Stu Crane from Wax Ersatz.

I may have sounded a little distracted this week. Firstly from a steam train which passed by about half way through and also by the fact that I was also streaming the podcasts construction using my Ustream channel.

Next week is the jazz special and I will also be announcing the most amazing competition I have ever held.
You will love it!
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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 39

In a podcast that thumbs it's nose and sticks two fingers up at the music industry I played the brilliant Tim Farrell from America, the fabulous Occasional Orchestra from England, the amazing Lite from Japan, the sublime Wax Ersatz from England, an interview from the very handsome Gideons Demise (and a tune), the stunning Mohatra from Bosnia Herzegovina, Sand river from England and a little thing I knocked up earlier an instrumental of a song I wrote a few years ago.
A bit proggy in places and there's nothing wrong with that!

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Check out the facebook page, oh the fun we have !!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 38

Back to some form of normality this week
I played (in no particular order) Indigo Earth, Haunted Stereo, Matt Stephens remixed by Pseudo Ambient, Kevin Fisher, Steve Lowis, STIMULATOR, Matt Erion Trio, Jim Chorley and me.
Dave Miles was talking to Benita Johnson and Apoc was waxing lyrical aboot Another Story 

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