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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 44

Yes, not like last weeks 44 pretender, this is the real deal.
A bit early as I'm going on my holidays, enjoying the broads of Norfolk.
This means that number 45 will be a bit late.
Anyhoo this week I play some of my favourites Matt StevensTracy ShaunIndigo EarthWax ErsatzTom CaulfieldJennie WalkerMenn ArsinsKing Never and James Corachea.
The rough demo I played eventually ended up as this tune Cant Get Happy

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 43

A frankly shambolic podcast, I even got the number wrong it IS number 43. What I DID get right was the music, they are all new artists to Is This Thing On. I played the songs ofMarch of DimesPetersson & FredrikssonShinsei Kamattechan (courtesy of jpoplover),LeyliWe Sell Sea ShellsSRM and Steve Swindells.
Apoc was talking about James Keelaghan and Paul Lane spoke about all the great music that was happening in and around Hampshire. His new website is now live so you should go and check it out.
The lovely Kayko also made her debut by making her first ident for the cast with Clara Barker  and Haunted Stereo  making an ident only appearance.

Very sorry about the quality of me this week, I'll do better in the future...
Listen out for my out-takes at the end......

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 42

A nice big noisy one this; I play Planes Over Paris from the Isle of Man, Fez from the London in the UK, DWH from Los Angeles USA, Kay (Katja Ten Dam Flik) from Amsterdam  , Steve Moyes from somewhere in Kent I think, Sounds Under Radio from Austin Texas USA and Sawsound from West Yorkshire UK.
I played a track called That Woman that's taken from my album Life is a River (now only £4 for the whole album!).
Dave interviewed Mad Billy from Bristol in the UK  (check out the great videos) and Paul Lane from Playing out Loud told us about what bands he recommended we go and see in and around Hampshire next week

It was all quite jolly eh?

I also featured my hilarious jingle for brilliant wine website oh how we laughed!!!!

I nearly forgot, listen to the Justin Wayne podcast because it's bloody brilliant!

I also mentioned the new website for the podcast just click here to see all it's beauty...
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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 41 Jazz special!!

Ok Jazzers, have Got a podcast for you?

Packed full of lovely jazz from he likes of Sunna Gunnlaugs from Iceland, The Jason Parker Quartet from Seattle USA, Rainier Straschill from Germany, Fleeting Silence from the USA, Sigurdor Guomundsson from Iceland, The Matt Erion Trio from the USA and me from good old England!
I sound a bit tired because I was so ignore me and listen to the music.

I also included the new Is This This Thing On LITE that is also on the  other podcast site I mentioned click here to have a look

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

If you want to submit a tune to the podcast

I ask that you simply send me 2 mp3s with your name as part of the filename eg

Nick Tann-Dont Make Me Wait.mp3 .

That way it won't get lost also it will show up on my iPod which I listen to a lot.

A link to your website where people can find out about you and where I can link to your name if I play you.

When you submit a track you should also receive an invite to the Artists Google Group, if you don't just give me a nudge and I'll fix it.

I know there are other ways i.e. dropboxes, Soundcloud etc that other podcasters like to use but I like to keep it simple.

I love getting new music and I promise I listen to every track and if you send me something and I DON'T play it, email me and ask me why.

I try and answer EVERY email.


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 40

In a short and sweet podcast this week I played Haunted Stereo, Sonny, Kidd Russell, Shoulders of Giants, Coloured Lines, Clara Barker (rhymes with Sarah) Apoc told us about another Canadian Band this time it was Ennis and I played a track from my new album.

I ranted about a new crusade I want all original artists you join, the cleverly named "Sound as a Pound. I take no credit for the name, that was thought up by Stu Crane from Wax Ersatz.

I may have sounded a little distracted this week. Firstly from a steam train which passed by about half way through and also by the fact that I was also streaming the podcasts construction using my Ustream channel.

Next week is the jazz special and I will also be announcing the most amazing competition I have ever held.
You will love it!
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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 39

In a podcast that thumbs it's nose and sticks two fingers up at the music industry I played the brilliant Tim Farrell from America, the fabulous Occasional Orchestra from England, the amazing Lite from Japan, the sublime Wax Ersatz from England, an interview from the very handsome Gideons Demise (and a tune), the stunning Mohatra from Bosnia Herzegovina, Sand river from England and a little thing I knocked up earlier an instrumental of a song I wrote a few years ago.
A bit proggy in places and there's nothing wrong with that!

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Check out the facebook page, oh the fun we have !!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 38

Back to some form of normality this week
I played (in no particular order) Indigo Earth, Haunted Stereo, Matt Stephens remixed by Pseudo Ambient, Kevin Fisher, Steve Lowis, STIMULATOR, Matt Erion Trio, Jim Chorley and me.
Dave Miles was talking to Benita Johnson and Apoc was waxing lyrical aboot Another Story 

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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 37 Ladies Special!!

I asked for help with a wordpress problem and asked for suggestions for pre-records I could do for the summer.

Lots more fun and games next week!

Remember the Facebook page, just click on the widget on the right and join in the fun....probably

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This video is in response to me questioning the whereabouts of the 23rd joker on last weeks cast. 

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 36

A bit early this week due to other media commitments!

Full of quality music as ever I played the beautiful April Maybe May, the nutty Clare Barker ( I think!), the very cool Sonny, the proggy Triangle exception, the drawly Tracy Shaun, the eclectic FledderJohn, the too cool for school Hot Vamp Club, the very talented Menn Arsins, the peace man Kidd Russell, the sublime Planes Over Paris and me, good old Nick!

Many shout outs to my Twitter followers, a sting from Haunted Stereo (deff a giggle there) and general podcasting malarky.

I still haven't had an answer to my Jack Daniels black question!

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 35

In this weeks podcast I play in no particular order the very talented James Corachea (England) whose video you can see below, the sublime Steve Lowis (England), the quite beautiful American duo Camp Out, Dave Miles' Pure Acoustica interview is with the amazing James Watson, voice of a knave Tom Caulfield (England), the also very beautiful Sweet Tooth (England)  and for the first time I play Slovakian band I & Son and Lost in Wonderland (England) and the sweet gypsy tones of Juana Ghani (USA)

Some more astute readers may have noticed that I have put the country of origin for the first time. Well done...

I also mention that, thanks to everyone, I have now topped my 1000 target

I also mentioned one of my other ventures Pure Acoustica
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Monday, 7 June 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 34

In a hastily put together podcast I played the marvelous Matt Blake, the sublime Real Raj, the perfectly formed King Never, The wild Will Kriski, the slightly quirky Tom Slatter, the cruel but fair Haunted Stereo, the never knowingly undersold Gideon's Demise and the often free Matt Stevens. . I finished things off with an odd little song that I hope will feature in a competition I am planning. More about that next week.

I also mentioned Pure Acoustica and Watch With Mothers.


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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 33

In another top class podcast I play two tracks from Matt Stevens new album Ghost. Why two you may ask, because it's that bloody good I reply! I also play a beautiful track from the new album from Eleven & the Falcons, an old favourite of mine from The Visitors, then Apoc, in a new feature, checked out my website, then I played yet another old fave namely Diana by the Wilton Project, Stephan Schwenk played a loverly tune composed by Jeroen Groot Beumer from the Netherlands. I played a rough but sublime track by Lewis Maclean (Mark Bolan anyone?)   then an interview I recorded with Steve Lowis with a great song at the end. One of my tunes "Love Lies" I don't think that is available to download anywhere but will be very very soon.

Please click on someone, buy their stuff or download it for free or join their mailing list or just make a comment about how bloody brilliant they are! 

I'm playing in Brighton on Wednesday, come and say hi if you are around!

Remember the Facebook group, we all get naked there* 
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See you next week 

Pip Pip 

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 32

Short and sweet this week, shorter!
This week I played the smooth Kevin Fisher, the slick James Corachea, the unforgettable Matthew Neel, the foot tapping Tim Farrell, the mighty Vega Ascension, the funky Carvalho and the righteous Scott Turchin.
I played a little tune I wrote and played on Old Winchester Hill (see video) and Dave Miles ( Pure Acoustica Bristol branch and ex BCFM Cup of Tea and a Slice of Cake show) interviewed the fragrant Eirlys Rhiannon.
All marvelous stuff I'm sure you will agree, well you better.

Join the new Facebook page and buy some of these fine people's tunes eh? EH?

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Catch you next week....

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Podcast Number 31

In another packed podcast I play The Cherry Bluestorms (should be stones), Funky Poets, Liz Longley, squeaky wheel Jennie Walker, Mak Wolven, Tom Bishel, Paul Liddel, Tom Caulfield and I played a track from this album why not download it for free? 
I did a cracking interview with The Real Raj and he played a song he wrote especially for the podcast.
Watch With Mothers Swineshead and Napoleon chatted about mini chedders whilst listening to Psychotic, Kidd Russell and Rainer Straschills remix of Matt Stevens's Snow. Apoc managed to infiltrate Turned out nice again eh?
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All turned out nice again eh?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 30

I kept it simple this week and concentrated on the music. Playing a top mix of tunes from the great Steve Lowis, a great track by Sigurd├│r Gu├░mundsson  and NOT Menn Arsins as I wrongly said in the podcast, the awesome Rainer Straschill, the glorious Doyle and the Forefathers (sorry I missed your gig last night guys), the huge King Never, the beautiful Lisa Hogan, I played you a live song right off of the mic, after playing one of my favourite tracks from the perfectly formed Matt Stevens,I finished off with the ever changing and brilliant Brian Wilbur Groundstrom.

Napoleon and Swineshead (Watch with Mothers)tell me they are still trapped in the Philippines due to the ash cloud and Apoc has been sent to the naughty step.

Click on some links and get yourself some great new music, preferably  mine.

UPDATE This is the Namaste Indian eatery in Southampton that called me during the recording of the cast

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Monday, 3 May 2010

Podcast Number 29

After a week off I return refreshed and rejuvenated.
In a packed podcast I play, in no particular order the talented James Carchea, the highly original Sawsound, the sublime Pseudo, the brilliant Sonnny, the awesome Will Kriski, the easy on the ear Fledderjohn, the soulful Tom Bishel, the fantastic Tracey Shaun, the forthright Juana Ghani and the amazing Three Quarter Smile as well as me playing you my brand new banjo song live on the mic for the very first time.

Matt Steven and I chat about the gametastic Jamlegend site.

I asked that you recommend the podcast to two of your friends, you've done that, yes?

I think that was everything, is it?

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Monday, 26 April 2010

This thing isn't on..

Sorry but due to me being very busy I'm not able to make this week's podcast but rest assured I'll be back next week. Check out some of the earlier podcast, click a few links, BUY A FEW TUNES?
Pip Pip

You can hear me say the above by clicking the little green player here

Monday, 19 April 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast number 28

In another packed poddy I played Alex Smyth, Camp Out, Kidd Russell, Haunted Stereo , Planes over Paris, Sounds under Radio, Sigg and Menn Arsins and I sang a song live off of the mic, yes me good old Nick Tann.

Watch With Mothers talked about a variety of subjects often referring to the music they were reviewing. This was provided by Gideons Demise, King Never and Mike Rofe.

Apoc tried and hated Drowned in Sound.

I mentioned Pure Acoustica and overlong intros.

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I'd appreciate a coment on my itunes page if you have a few mins.


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Monday, 12 April 2010

Podcast Number 27

In a better late than never podcast this week I played Kodiak Jack, Coloured Lines, Doyle and the Forefathers, John Duffy, Watch With Mothers played Botyov 1791, Matt Taylor and due to an error by me The Hot Vamp Club.

I then finished off with tracks from The Wilton Project and John David Schradar.
A new track off my very reasonably priced  album, now also available as a special issue physical cd and finishing off with the mighty Tom Caulfield.

The every fragrant Watch With Mothers' Napoleon has designed a new logo for the podcast.
I hope you like it as you'll be seeing a lot of it, oh yes.

As my two animated friend tell us, you can listen by using itunes/the podbean site/the rss feed OR you can use this little green player here

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 26

Oh and the blog that was so good that I forgot what it was about was  It's a great blog and an absolute must for any artists looking to promote themselves as well as some usefull insights into the whole social media marketing malarky.

Have a great week and remember

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 25

In another packed podcast I played music by the fantastic Hot Vamp Club, the amazing King Never, the unique Tom Caulfield, Matt Steven's Burning Banstands track was remixed by the brilliant LEXTRICAL and he went on to talk about blogs and cited The Hype Machine as the place to go to . I played a track from my free album Moving On.
Apoc loved Soundcloud for all the wrong reasons. I played Everyone Want's To Fall In Love by the beautiful Sweet Tooth, I was blown away by the talented Joe Wellfair and urged you to make a comment about the stunning track by The Real Raj. The very entertaining Jason Nembhard won the First Fifteen with a breathtaking 3 votes. Not sure if this first fifteen lark is worth the effort, what do you think?

Why not join the Facebook group eh?

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Podcast Number 24

In a later than intended podcast I played Eleven & The Falcons (who have had their Twitter profile hacked), Kidd Russell, Burn, Rainer Straschill, Gideons Demise and a little track from me
Watch With Mothers reviewed Netasyi, Fernwood and Bubonik Funk.

I also thought I'd mention how I actually put this podcast together.
The simple story is that I copy mp3s, pre recorded pieces (Watch With Mothers, First Fifteen, interviews etc) into a piece of software called Garageband, record the spoken bits in-between. That can take up to around an hour. The Watch With Mothers review takes me around 20 minutes to produce. I send Swineshead (London) and Napoleon (Oop North) the track by email on a Thursday evening. On Sunday Swineshead sends me the three sound files of the finished reviews that he did with Napoleon via Skype  I get the spoken word MP3s, put them all together in Logic, put the track they are reviewing so that it plays underneath at the right volume, fading in and out at the right places.  I make the First Fifteen section in Logic. That's pretty easy and only takes about ten minutes. Any other interviews I do I mix in Logic, including all The Matt Stevens chats.
All the interviews I do, I use Skype and record the conversations using a natty little bit of kit called eCam which saves everything (including the video!) as an mpeg file.

Garageband then does a mix of the whole cast and saves it as an MP4a. That mixdown takes about 25 minutes and often crashes so can take longer. I then import that MP4a in to iTunes to create an MP3 as MP4a's are not recognised by the little  player widgets AND wont show the pictures in an iTunes feed. That takes about 10 minutes. Once that has been done, I copy the finished MP3 to my desktop. I then have to get it loaded up on to (or is it IN to?) my account at Podbean who host Isthisthingon podcast. As it's a big file, around 80meg, I have use an use a great piece of software called Hyperduck and load it to my FTP account in Podbean. I have no idea what FTP stands for or what it is! All I know is that if you need to send a big file somewhere on the internet , you use an FTP loader and Cyberduck is what I use. It's easy to set up and all I have to do is just drag the MP3 into it and press send and it just happens. It takes about 30 minutes.
Whilst it's doing this I write this blog including all the names of the artists that I've played, any interviews or websites that were mentioned. This includes adding the hyperlinks for everything mentioned. This takes about the same time as the ftp upload takes.
Now I go into podbean and publish the podcast. That means copying and pasting this blog into the podbean article and checking a few boxes. I click "publish" and it goes live and is available in iTunes immediately and on the little player in about 30 minutes.

That may not sound like the simple version but I've left out all the chatting to artists on-line, tweeting to publicise the cast, producing the jingles, the facebook group, emailing all the artists that I play each week, managing the artists google group plus loads of other little things I have forgotten.
Fitting all this in with trying to forge a semblance of a musical career AND maintaining a full time job is a bit tricky and remember I DON'T GET PAID FOR THIS. So, if I miss a hyperlink off, or the levels are a bit down, or you spot one of the many mistakes I make, then you will understand now eh?
Oh and do me a favour? BUY MY MUSIC or at least download the free stuff!

I'm aiming for 1000 subscribers before my birthday, so far there are 753 so spread the word eh?

To listen and subscribe through Itunes click the button on the right panel. There's an rss feed button there too but I don't understand what it does but you're welcome to use it if you do.

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