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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Podcast Number 17

In another packed cast I played Kidd RussellThe Visitors, Tom BishelAmaya HuntlyMenn ArsinsMEJouis and the winner of last weeks First Fifteen Bubonik Funk congratulations on getting 60 votes.
A great piece by Matt Stevens on social websites for artists, fans and the discerning public. He bigged up Reverbnation , Jango and our tip for the top as the next big thing this year Ustream.

Click on things, listen to the cast, tell your friends, send me some tracks,join the Facbook group and by the time you've done all that it'll be time for a new one!!

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Podcast Number 15

And what a monster it was! Heaps of great music all from independent non signed artists!
You heard THE VISITORS, AMAYA HUNTLY & THE MERRY MEN, KIDD RUSSELL ft. ROSS GOLAN, a brand new track from the fantastic Matt Stevens, the unforgettable Tom Caulfield and a track by me called Na Na Slide and ended off with the mightY JOUIS.

Brand new feature "First Fifteen" is quite jolly. You can vote for whose track you want to hear in full by clicking on the poll on the right>>>>

If you want to take part in First Fifiteen, then email me a maximum of 2 mp3s and a link to your site. If you don't have a cd to sell then don't bother. The email address is PLEASE include your name on the mp3, I'm not that organised and it makes it easier and you're more likely to be chosen if you're easy!

Exciting eh?