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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 35

In this weeks podcast I play in no particular order the very talented James Corachea (England) whose video you can see below, the sublime Steve Lowis (England), the quite beautiful American duo Camp Out, Dave Miles' Pure Acoustica interview is with the amazing James Watson, voice of a knave Tom Caulfield (England), the also very beautiful Sweet Tooth (England)  and for the first time I play Slovakian band I & Son and Lost in Wonderland (England) and the sweet gypsy tones of Juana Ghani (USA)

Some more astute readers may have noticed that I have put the country of origin for the first time. Well done...

I also mention that, thanks to everyone, I have now topped my 1000 target

I also mentioned one of my other ventures Pure Acoustica
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  1. Big thanks you Nick for playing Where Will You Be on the cast.

    Love the work.

    Kim Griffin of Lost in Wonderland

  2. Hey Nick, my favorite song so far is Tricks. That song was ace on this podcast.

  3. Thanks for putting my video up!

    The link on my name goes to a BBC radio page. If anyone wanted to find out more about me they can go to

  4. Not a problem Kim, I'm sorry for getting your sex wrong!

    That would be Steve Lowis Apoc, I'll be playing with him on Thursday at The Best Puib in Southampton the Southwestern.

    I fixed the link James, don't know what that BBC link was...