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Monday, 9 August 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 43

A frankly shambolic podcast, I even got the number wrong it IS number 43. What I DID get right was the music, they are all new artists to Is This Thing On. I played the songs ofMarch of DimesPetersson & FredrikssonShinsei Kamattechan (courtesy of jpoplover),LeyliWe Sell Sea ShellsSRM and Steve Swindells.
Apoc was talking about James Keelaghan and Paul Lane spoke about all the great music that was happening in and around Hampshire. His new website is now live so you should go and check it out.
The lovely Kayko also made her debut by making her first ident for the cast with Clara Barker  and Haunted Stereo  making an ident only appearance.

Very sorry about the quality of me this week, I'll do better in the future...
Listen out for my out-takes at the end......

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