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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Podcast Number 17

In another packed cast I played Kidd RussellThe Visitors, Tom BishelAmaya HuntlyMenn ArsinsMEJouis and the winner of last weeks First Fifteen Bubonik Funk congratulations on getting 60 votes.
A great piece by Matt Stevens on social websites for artists, fans and the discerning public. He bigged up Reverbnation , Jango and our tip for the top as the next big thing this year Ustream.

Click on things, listen to the cast, tell your friends, send me some tracks,join the Facbook group and by the time you've done all that it'll be time for a new one!!

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  1. Hi Nick, first thoughts when Matt pointed me here was "Oh no, not another podcast!", but I gave it a listen.. and hey, still here right at the end! Great podcast, great choice of music. My favourite: Amaya Huntly... very brave of you to put yourself on straight after her, but it worked! Nice tune! Looking forward to the next edition :)

  2. She's great isn't she?
    Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you enjoyed tha cast.

  3. Nice! I did though expect to hear "Running a Motorway with Menn Ársins. :-) But I'm not complaining. I enjoyed the show. I'll probably become a regular listener :-)


  4. Hey Nick! Thanks again for including us in your excellent podcast! We appreciate it.

    For those interested then we have a "pay what you like" offer on our debut album over at bandcamp. Feel free to check it out. :)

  5. P.S. ... and I am the bass player of the band. ;-)

  6. Going to download that now - great podcast Nick - you are the filter!!

  7. Sorry Siggi, it's complicated but will play Running a Motorway next cast