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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Podcast Number 16

In another packed podcast I played The Visitors, Tom Bishel, Amaya Huntly, Menn Arsins, ME, Matt Stevens, Kidd Russell, Tom Caulfield, Jouis and the winners of last weeks First Fifteen Kodiak Jack.

I also mentioned Badger Madge shaving her head for pancreatic cancer, something I think we all should do. GIVE HER MONEY AT

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  1. Again, lovely work Mr. Nick (I must find time to listen the previous 13 podcast)

    Loved Tim Bishel voice and "Myth Maker".
    The two artist from the poll left me wondering though. Any site address available?

  2. Glad you liked. Web addresses form who?
    Everyone that was played on the cast is listen apart from the losers of the First Fifteen.

  3. Using Ubuntu and don't like iTUnes, is there some way I can just save it as mp3 to my desktop?

  4. There is a link on the right panel just below the Twitter logo that will take you to podbean where you can download an MP3

  5. Bubonik Funk blows up planets with the funk of a thousand unborn gorilla babies

  6. It's Bubonik not Bubonic and they are awesome!

  7. That BuboniC Funk are shit!
    Bubonik funk are indeed awsome.

  8. Great to see Menn Ársins featured! :)

  9. Hey Nick! Thanks for featuring us on your podcast.

    People can check us out @...


    Twitter: (free downloads)

    Videos @ youtube:

    ... and pay what you like at bandcamp... (profit goes straight to our next release :-)

    Thanks again and cheers!

  10. Here's an idea... Why not make the podcast available on Bandcamp? People could download them for free, embed the shows on their pages and even pay for them if they would choose so. ... just a thought. :)

  11. It's a thought but I'd prefer to get them via podbean or itunes.
    I have enough to do as it is!