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Monday, 19 April 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast number 28

In another packed poddy I played Alex Smyth, Camp Out, Kidd Russell, Haunted Stereo , Planes over Paris, Sounds under Radio, Sigg and Menn Arsins and I sang a song live off of the mic, yes me good old Nick Tann.

Watch With Mothers talked about a variety of subjects often referring to the music they were reviewing. This was provided by Gideons Demise, King Never and Mike Rofe.

Apoc tried and hated Drowned in Sound.

I mentioned Pure Acoustica and overlong intros.

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  1. Cheers Nick, the band I play in are actualy called 'Fez'. Don't think the 'Alex Smyth experience' would fly with the others.

    All the best for the podcast and your own music


  2. Thanks Nick!
    The name of the band is though just Menn Ársins :-p

    For those interested the we did a video for that particular song: Check it out. It's quite lovely. :)

    And find us on twitter and @siggidori


  3. Great show Nick!
    Here are some links for Sounds Under Radio:
    Twitter: @surtweet