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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Podcast Number 31

In another packed podcast I play The Cherry Bluestorms (should be stones), Funky Poets, Liz Longley, squeaky wheel Jennie Walker, Mak Wolven, Tom Bishel, Paul Liddel, Tom Caulfield and I played a track from this album why not download it for free? 
I did a cracking interview with The Real Raj and he played a song he wrote especially for the podcast.
Watch With Mothers Swineshead and Napoleon chatted about mini chedders whilst listening to Psychotic, Kidd Russell and Rainer Straschills remix of Matt Stevens's Snow. Apoc managed to infiltrate Turned out nice again eh?
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All turned out nice again eh?


  1. It's a great track mate. Not for everyone, but that's good...

  2. Thanks for sharing Nick. . Liz Longley's vocals . . wow..

  3. Good eh Raj.
    I thought you came over well mate. I managed toedit the 30 mins of me rattling on!

  4. Thanks Nick! Appreciate you playing Rush. Enjoyed your show! Liz Longley

  5. Very welcome Liz. I've had a lot of great feedback about your track.

    By the way this is the mic stand I want

    Just buy a few albums yes?

  6. This is my favorite ITTO ever. Genius all round