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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Is This Thing On? Podcast Number 39

In a podcast that thumbs it's nose and sticks two fingers up at the music industry I played the brilliant Tim Farrell from America, the fabulous Occasional Orchestra from England, the amazing Lite from Japan, the sublime Wax Ersatz from England, an interview from the very handsome Gideons Demise (and a tune), the stunning Mohatra from Bosnia Herzegovina, Sand river from England and a little thing I knocked up earlier an instrumental of a song I wrote a few years ago.
A bit proggy in places and there's nothing wrong with that!

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  1. Really enjoyed the podcast. Just letting everyone know that Wax Ersatz is a two piece band. I don't want to be the only one getting the credit when we're very much a 50/50 songwriting band between me and the other guitarist, Matthew Kidd. Cheers for the plug Nick, looking forward to the next podcast :)

  2. Hi. Its grat to be played n your show...
    We'll keep listening.


  3. Greetings from The Occasional Orchestra - look forward to seeing you at Findlays party, should have the new album by then too

  4. Just had some info in from Lite

    transduction records in Ireland will release LITE CD on on August 15th.
    music lovers oversea will be able to buy it.

    now LITE - illuminate is digitally distributed at iTunes music store.

    For anyone that's interested