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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

If you want to submit a tune to the podcast

I ask that you simply send me 2 mp3s with your name as part of the filename eg

Nick Tann-Dont Make Me Wait.mp3 .

That way it won't get lost also it will show up on my iPod which I listen to a lot.

A link to your website where people can find out about you and where I can link to your name if I play you.

When you submit a track you should also receive an invite to the Artists Google Group, if you don't just give me a nudge and I'll fix it.

I know there are other ways i.e. dropboxes, Soundcloud etc that other podcasters like to use but I like to keep it simple.

I love getting new music and I promise I listen to every track and if you send me something and I DON'T play it, email me and ask me why.

I try and answer EVERY email.


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