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Monday, 8 February 2010

Podcast number 18

Not sure how I finished it in time but I did, just!
This week I bought you (in no particular order) Menn Arsens, Amaya Huntley, Kidd Russell, Tom Bishel, Jouis and ME!
A very funny new song review feature with Swineshead and Napoleon from Watch With Mothers (click their button on the right) a hastily edited chat with Matt Stevens about the delights of Soundcloud and Dropbox and an invitation for you to come up with a decent First Fifteen jungle the winner this week (or is it last week?) being the great Matt Taylor whose track "Fat Tuesdays Blue" I played in full at the end of the cast.

A little later than planned due to technical reasons, no really!

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  1. Great! Fantastic to hear "Running a Motorway" with Menn Arsins :-)

    Great job as usual!

  2. I think that would make a great Eurovision song

  3. Thanks Nick! ... Don't know about the ESC factor though! :-D

  4. Nice to hear two bands from Iceland in one show. Good job!

  5. So that's all the Icelandic bands huh?

  6. Is that a washboard in the background in your picture? If so, are you into zydego or just not into better living through technology?

  7. Well spotted Scott!
    I'm not into Zydeco as such. I actually use it for playing along to French Gypsey Jazz ala' Django Reinhart...

  8. As in Where's me washboard misses?